Vacation Rentals - Now and the Future

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Vacation Rentals - Now and the Future

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Vacation Rentals - Now and the Future

Having a cottage or other vacation home is often the dream of many. However, many real estate investors are now looking at this sector either as an option or alternative to their current strategy for a number of reasons, including:

  • The boom in travel post pandemic
  • Similar tax advantages to other property investments
  • A place to use yourself when not rented out
  • Not face the same challenges with long term tenant rentals
  • Domestic vacation rentals still perform well in recessions

But there is a lot to consider, including:

Regulation changes in towns and cities toward short term rentals 

  • Having to furnish plus increased use can accelerate wear and tear
  • More to consider around financing, accounting and insurance
  • More susceptible to pandemic shut downs
  • Challenges of long distance property management 

Join us for a National look at the vacation rental market, lessons learned, opportunities and where things are heading. 

Our line up of speakers possess a variety of rental vacation experience including: 

  • Sarah Larbi talking about what it takes to develop an upscale resort
  • James Svetec updating us on the changes within the world of AirBnB
  • Natasha Phipps giving an update on the vacation rental market in western Canada

Be sure to bring your REI questions for the Q&A at the end of each segment - plus to our popular Virtual Networking at the end of the event.

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