The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Creative Financing & How to Navigate Mortgage Rules (Ep. 146)

Creative Financing and How to Navigate Mortgage Rules

In this episode

  • Self-employed mortgage solutions
  • Don’t stay idle!
  • Debt service ratio
  • Working with credit unions
  • Firm offers, how to deal with them
  • Purview for off-market deals

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Instagram: @_CharlesKayitaba


Charles Kayitaba, Mortgage Specialist & Real Estate Investor

Charles recently completed his first BRRRR. That’s in part what prompted him to become a mortgage broker. He learned so much during the entire process that he chose to pursue this career path. In this podcast he shared some amazing insider tips on how to deal with down payments, debt coverage ratios, working with credit unions and so much more. Charles is fairly new to the industry but he’s already dealt with many investors and is now dealing with many investors in the golden horseshoe area. We learned how self-employed and real estate investors can qualify for their next deal. This is a constant struggle and with the right team, it can be much easier than you may think. Listen right to the end for a great discussion on Joint Ventures and more!

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