The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Liquidity is a Key in Real Estate Investing! (Ep. 156)

Liquidity is a Key in Real Estate Investing!

In this episode

  • Looking for opportunities to invest
  • Understanding the price of land and properties
  • Importance of today’s numbers instead of the future’s
  • Foreign investments
  • Importance of social media and networking in investing
  • Importance of being liquid in real estate investing


Justin Konikow, Real Estate Agent, Media & Marketing Expert

Justin Konikow is one of the owners of Prime Real Estate Brokerage and Prime Media Productions, covers all things sales, marketing, media content production, and how to build a business.

Justin founded the companies with his wife, Shannon, with the intent of turning the industry upside down and coming at things from a completely fresh perspective. Using their platform and networks, they have quickly become one of the biggest and most influential household names in real estate.  

He is well versed in sales and marketing. He is a trailblazer for the real estate industry from his networking to strategy and everything in between. One of his strategies is focusing more on today’s numbers instead of the future. He has a thorough understanding of the prices of land and properties and even foreign investments. He also has a strong digital presence that showcases his strong understanding of media and how to use media for success. Social media involvement is a big key for earning connections and broadening one’s horizon. 

On top of his Real Estate and Media proficiency, Justin succeeds in all things business building, productivity hacks, and surrounding himself with expert insights from others around him. He also highlights one important thing in achieving such success and that is liquidity.

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