The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
2022 Federal Budget Insights – Mortgages & Financing (Ep. 176)

2022 Federal Budget Insights – Mortgages & Financing

In this episode

  • What the Federal Budget has in store for Real Estate Investors 
  • What’s behind the Federal Budget strategy in ‘managing’ inflation. 
  • What’s better –  Variable or Fixed Rate Mortgages?
  • How to run your numbers to invest now and the best strategies.
  • Stress tests for REI vs. new home buyers – what you need to know. 
  • What the leading indicators are of a competitive market
  • When should you refinance in this market? 


Brian Hogben

The Federal budget highlighted a number of initiatives and proposed changes that will have direct and indirect impacts on the real estate market.

One significant area will be interest rates that we are already seeing rise with more increases predicted by the economists and indicated by the Bank of Canada.

How will all this affect mortgages and financing and real estate investing generally? 

This podcast episode is from a recent National Event session with guest Brian Hogben, Mortgage Broker and Real Estate Investor.

After building a massive real estate portfolio, Brian opened Mission 35 Mortgages and quickly becoming one of the industries top mortgage brokerages.  Brian is also the Author of ‘How to Get Mortgage Free Really F*$%ING FAST’ to show other people that becoming mortgage free faster is not just a pipe dream, it is a reality.

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