The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Attending the REI School of Hard Knocks (Ep. 187)

Attending the REI School of Hard Knocks

In this episode

  • The strategy Tim is actively using the most right now 
  • Which markets Tim is investing in in 2022 - and why 
  • Rising interest rates and what this means for Real Estate Investors
  • What investors should do with the speculated recession
  • How to streamline your investing business
  • The biggest mistake investors make - and how to correct it


Tim Tsai

From getting knocked down at 27 to making a comeback to successful Real Estate Investor, Coach and Mentor to other Real Estate Investors, Tim Tsai shares his philosophy, insights and strategies he's used to grow a successful global real estate portfolio through fluctuating markets.

International Real Estate Investor, Award Winning Mentor, Business Coach. Tim became financially free in 25 months from his first Real Estate Investing training - retiring himself from his J.O.B. at the age of 30. Tim continues to be an active investor and is passionately paying it forward, helping others increase their financial education through real estate investing.

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