The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Busting the Work-Life Balance Myth with Automation (Ep. 189)

Busting the Work-Life Balance Myth with Automation

In this episode

  • Automation and why it will accelerate your business
  • How immigrating to Canada formed her approach to real estate
  • How being available as landlords attracts better tenants 
  • Lessons from working in real estate as a couple 
  • Tips for taking care of yourself with time blocking
  • Busting the myth of work-life balance


Lena Guirguis

Growing a successful real estate investing business takes a lot more than a 4-hour work week. In fact our guest this week, Lena Guirguis shared “When you come to terms with there is no work-life balance, it becomes a lot easier to create a balance that works for you.”

This philosophy, along with an anything is possible attitude and determination has helped Lena and her husband build several multi-million dollar businesses in real estate. Growing up as older children of immigrants they saw the inequitable way their parents were treated and were determined to not have that happen to them.

They started by taking control of their situation by buying properties that others found difficult to manage and made themselves accessible landlords to their tenants. This approach created a word of mouth that enabled them to scale fast and with great systems in place, they were able to replicate this for other landlords and investors. 

With an eye for opportunity and a giving approach, they now run a successful networking and education group for women in several cities, own a construction company and have a 10-year plan to build an intergenerational, affordable sub-division that will fill the gaps they believe exist in many communities.   

Lena Guirguis is a Real Estate Advisor, Wealth Coach, and Public Speaker. A self-made millionaire. She has co-founded 6 successful companies including; NV Property Management and Stilettos & Hammers operating in both Canada and the United States.

She began her real estate journey in early 2003 at the age of 21 with the purchase of a mismanaged triplex in Eastern Ontario to buy, fix and hold. With over 15 years of active investing in North America, Lena has experienced firsthand, the ups and downs of the Real Estate market.  Despite its cyclic nature, she was able to create scalable systems that allow for continuous growth.

Lena lives by the philosophy: “It doesn’t matter where you come from; it’s where you decide you want to go.” She understands what it is like to work hard for what you have, and in 2016 she embarked on her greatest journey yet, becoming a mom to a rambunctious little girl she proudly calls her “CEO in training” 

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Text: 6475573401  but you must say where you heard Lena otherwise she will ignore you! 

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