The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Cash Flowing Opportunities in Calgary (Ep. 167)

Cash Flowing Opportunities in Calgary

In this episode

  • Cashflow in Calgary vs Ontario
  • Tenant laws in Alberta
  • Rent Increases 
  • Basepoint rent prices
  • Tips for out of province investors
  • Investing strategies 


Kim Goerz-Pasieka, Realtor and Real Estate Investor

Kim is an investor-focused realtor at Phipps Real Estate Group in Calgary, and the majority of her clients are Investors. She started as a real estate investor when she was 20 years old without realizing she was doing it.

In this Podcast interview, François, Sarah, and Kim discussed the cash flow opportunities, tenant laws, and possible rent Increases in Calgary. Kim also shared the investments strategies that she applied as an investor. She also gave great tips for out-of-province investors. Kim also shared her insights in buying single-family homes rather than multiplexes and the advantages of single-family-suited properties vs. multiplexes. In this episode, we also tackled the ideal basepoint rent prices for your rental properties in Calgary.

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