The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
How to Cope With Procrastination Woes of Real Estate Investing

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In this episode

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Master the Art of Decision Making: Understanding the Psychology of Procrastination in Real Estate Investment.
  • Unleash the Power of Procrastination: How Delaying Can Lead to Real Estate Investment Success.
  • Conquer Fear and Cultivate Confidence: Building the Mindset for Real Estate Investment Triumph.
  • Procrastination-Proof Strategies: Overcoming Obstacles and Taking Charge in Real Estate Investment.
  • The Power of Collaboration: Leveraging Support and Expertise for Real Estate Investment Growth.

Do you want to know the surprising truth about procrastination that successful real estate investors keep under wraps?

Join us as Nancy Morris discusses how embracing procrastination can help you achieve your goals and discover why asking for help is your secret weapon in the journey to success.

Stay tuned for an eye-opening revelation that will transform how you overcome challenges and reach new heights.

"Procrastination isn't the problem, it's the underlying fear or concern. When you acknowledge that, instead of saying, 'I'm such an idiot, I'm procrastinating again,' you can say, 'Oh, look, I'm procrastinating. What am I worried about?' And then you can solve that problem." - Nancy Morris



Nancy Morris

Nancy Morris, a professional in understanding and conquering procrastination. With her in-depth understanding of the psychological factors behind procrastination and its impact on decision-making, Nancy provides valuable wisdom in the real estate field.

As the author of Procrastinate Now, she offers practical strategies and relatable anecdotes, emphasizing the significance of confidence and the willingness to seek assistance in the business world. Nancy's expertise and relatable approach make her a valuable resource for real estate investors seeking to overcome procrastination and achieve success in their endeavours.

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