The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Discipline and Mindset Equals Success in Real Estate Investing (Ep.195)

Discipline and Mindset Equals Success in Real Estate Investing

In this episode

  • Expertise versus confidence
  • Flipping the switch to ‘What if you can?”
  • Getting into real estate investing accidentally at age 22
  • Taking on bigger and scarier projects
  • Facing discomfort and moving forward
  • Jumping into social media
  • Lessons learned from failure
  • Bigger returns than money


Victoria Cluney

By her own admission, Victoria Cluney made slow progress initially in real estate. But a combination of forcing functions and making the right connections her portfolio has not only grown but the size of projects she is investing in has increased.

In this episode, Victoria shares the lessons and opportunities that arose from losing a deal that had her in tears and how that set her on a path to a deal now that involves a greater level of complication and learning, setting her up for the next level.

Victoria Cluney has been investing in real estate for over 17 years. She currently lives in Ottawa, ON; however, specializes in the Nova Scotia market where she has built a dependable team spanning across the province. 

With over 20 years of service in the Canadian Armed Forces, a soon-to-be Masters of Psychology and a high-level athletic background, Victoria blends lessons that she has learned within the military, schooling and sports to promote discipline, health, fitness, and mindset in both business and in life. 

Passionate about networking and connecting with others she is also a co-leader for the real estate investHER monthly meetups in Ottawa. 

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