The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Flipping Over 16 Properties in One Year (Ep. 163)

Flipping Over 16 Properties in One Year

In this episode

  • Started investing in 2014 as a new Canadian
  • How to keep pulling equity and the power of cash flow
  • Losing a job and becoming a full-time REI
  • Financial freedom and freedom of location
  • Flipping in Ontario to create wealth
  • Buying properties that no one else will touch


Chris Herlin, Real Estate Investor & Entrepreneur

Chris started BRRRRing properties and when he got to 4 properties, he started getting limited by lenders. Eventually, he got into flips and partnered with private lenders to finance his project and build his cash reserve to keep going. All his flips and BRRRRs are in smaller towns in southwestern Ontario: St. Thomas, Strathroy, Stratford, etc. When looking at property, Chris focuses on wholesale deals. High equity from the very beginning, highly distressed homes that need a lot of work. Chris had a 90-day plan to quit his job which ended up happening at a time when he didn’t need his salary as much. He then transitioned into full-time investing and worked very hard at building his business.

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