The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
How To Get Into The World of Private Lending (Ep. 168)

How To Get Into The World of Private Lending

In this episode

  • Interest rates for private mortgages
  • Terms for mortgages
  • How to get private money for beginners
  • What investors should consider before availing of private money
  • When is private money not a good idea
  • What lenders are looking for
  • Exit Strategy for Investors


Susan Flanagan, Real Estate Investor

Susan Flanagan is a seasoned investor. Along the way, she started to lend her own money to different people for mortgages which was a success. Susan got her broker’s license and set up her brokerage. She used her private money for mortgages to specialize in private lending.

In this podcast interview, Susan, Alfonso, and Sarah had an in-depth analysis of private lending/private money. Susan discussed the terms and interest rates for mortgages. She also tackled what investors should consider before pursuing private lenders for their investments, which gives insight to investors looking forward to investing in properties. Susan shared insights for beginners looking to borrow privately.  She also spoke about what lenders are looking for when reviewing applications, and the importance of exit strategies for investors. Tune in for tips from an industry leader in the world of private financing.

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