The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Intellectual Currency – The Investor’s Secret (Ep. 164)

Intellectual Currency – The Investor’s Secret

In this episode

  • How to acquire intellectual currency
  • Whom you should surround yourself with, in a multifamily
  • Tips on Multifamily
  • Criteria to determine a Deal
  • Experiences in the vetting process
  • Attributes needed for Success


Alfonso Cuadra, Real Estate Investor & Mentor

Alfonso came from a humble beginning. Being a refugee who rose from nothing to become a 20-year real estate investing veteran, he has proved that his accomplishments are the result of his hard work and determination. Alfonso has been passionate about teaching the youth and built his foundation called Cuadra Youth Foundation, where his daughter helps him run it. His daughter, as a result, created a real estate program for young people that aims to teach financial literacy to young people.

He is the President/CEO of The Cuadra Group of Companies and has an extensive background in business and Real Estate Management, Investing, and Development. Alfonso is dedicated to showing others how to overcome their obstacles and become high performers. He has shared his story with thousands of audiences around the world. He is a dynamic leader that is passionate about sharing his story and inspiring others to create the life they want and to never give up on their dreams.

Get in touch with Alfonso:

Website: www.AlfonsoCuadra.Com


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