The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Local Expert Tips for Cashing in on Windsor's Real Estate Boom

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In this episode

  • Mastering Real Estate Investment in Windsor: Uncover the secrets to success in the Windsor real estate market.
  • Unveiling Lucrative Cash Flow Opportunities: Learn how to maximize your cash flow in Windsor's real estate market.
  • Maximizing Returns with Multifamily Properties: Discover the untapped potential of student rentals and multifamily properties.
  • Industrial Sector Insights: Gain valuable insights into investing in commercial properties within Windsor's industrial sector.
  • Nurturing Profitable Relationships: Learn the art of building and maintaining valuable connections in the real estate industry.

Embark on a journey with Jordan Silvester as he unveils the unexpected twist in the Windsor real estate market. His 16 years of expertise take a surprising turn, revealing a fresh and optimistic approach to investing in the ever-evolving landscape. 

But what unexpected opportunity will Jordan shine a light on next? 

Join us as we uncover the key to unlocking success in Windsor's real estate market.


"The current market still allows for you to find at least neutral, maybe still some cash flow. If you're willing to do the in-law suite, the basement rental, the additional dwelling unit on the property, there is a lot of opportunity down here." - Jordan Silvester


Jordan Silvester

Meet Jordan Silvester, a highly experienced real estate agent based in Windsor, Ontario, with an impressive 16-year track record in the industry.

His in-depth knowledge of the local market and his genuine passion for real estate make him a valuable resource for investors looking to explore opportunities in Windsor. With a keen focus on maximizing cash flow and adapting to market shifts, he offers practical and insightful advice to help investors navigate the dynamic real estate landscape in the Windsor area.

His relatable and down-to-earth approach and extensive expertise make Jordan a go-to expert for anyone seeking to make informed and successful real estate investments in Windsor.

Get in touch with Jordan Silvester: 


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