The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
From Police Officer to Real Estate Developer (Ep. 161)

From Police Officer to Real Estate Developer

In this episode

  • Investing in real estate vs. just spending your money
  • Buying a house for others while still being a tenant yourself
  • Simple solutions to investing
  • Good old business sense
  • The BRRRR strategy to build a real estate empire
  • What to look for when considering development


Jason Boccinfuso, Real Estate Investor & Developer

Jason is a serial entrepreneur and seasoned investor. It all began when he was a very young police officer. He was introduced by another police officer to the world of real estate investing. Jason started out buying single-family homes, over 150 of them in only 3 years. He then started selling them off to buy multifamily buildings to increase efficiencies. Eventually, he saw opportunities in the field of development. Instead of looking for deals, he started creating his own deals. Having the right people on your team has been instrumental to Jason’s success. Surround yourself with the experts and don’t let go of them. Find the people that are already doing what you want to do and do the same. Only take advice from experts doing what it is you’re setting out to do. 

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