The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Reflections on 5 Years of The REITE Club Ep. 173

Reflections on 5 Years of The REITE Club

In this episode

  • How The REITE Club has grown from an idea to a large and growing community 
  • The REITE Club's top tip to grow your Business 
  • How to find the resources you need to be successful
  • The inspiring stories behind each of our co-founders REI journey, what they've accomplished over the past five years - and how they're customizing their lives through REI
  • The most important skill you can develop 


REITE Club Co-Founders: Daniel St-Jean, Sarah Larbi, Laurel Simmons and Alfonso Salemi

The four REITE Club co-founders are creative entrepreneurs with thriving - and growing - Real Estate Investing businesses of their own. But it wasn't always this way. As they were each individually starting on their REI journeys they understood the importance of education and networking. 

Daniel St-Jean realized there was a missing link and through happenstantial meetings and connectworking with Sarah Larbi and Alfonso Salemi - the missing link became The REITE Club. Laurel Simmons rounded out the team with her expertise in systems and soon they were inviting those interested in the business of Real Estate Investing to 'Come Grow with Us'.

Over the past five years not only has The REITE Club grown, but so have the co-founders and thousands in the REITE Club community as they've learned how to grow and scale their real estate investing portfolio's and businesses ... and are customizing their lives. Listen to the full episode to find out how you too can grow and customize your life.

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