The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Reflections on Last 2 Years and Where Are We Heading (Ep. 200)

Reflections on Last 2 Years and Where Are We Heading

In this episode

  • Customizing your life through real estate 
  • Laurel’s adventures in wine and travel
  • Daniel’s pivot to out-of-country investing
  • Sarah’s development projects and strategy shift
  • Alfonso’s team expansion personally and professionally
  • Co-founder’s thoughts on the immediate future of real estate
  • Their future plans during the next 100 episodes

When The REITE Club podcast reached 100 episodes who could have predicted what was going to happen to real estate and the world in general during the next 100?

But here we are, 2 years later, celebrating 200 episodes of the podcast.

Join The REITE Club Co-Founders, Laurel Simons, Daniel St. Jean, Sarah Larbi, and Alfonso Salemi as they share what they have been up to over the last two years, where they think things are heading for real estate in the short term and what you need to be doing to prepare for that.

They also share what their plans are for the next two years and where they hope to be by the time episode 300 rolls around as they Customize Their Lives.

We’re Sarah Larbi, Alfonso Salemi, Laurel Simmons, and Daniel St-Jean. We’ve all been real estate investors for many years now, and we all have different experiences and specialties, especially when it comes to real estate investing! We look forward to connecting with you as our REITE Club community grows.



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