The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Remote Flipping While Working Full-Time! (Ep. 149)

Remote Flipping While Working Full-Time!

In this episode

  • Work with trustworthy people – network!
  • Processes and systems are crucial
  • Build a close-knit group of allies
  • Take to someone new on a daily basis
  • How to build a remote team
  • Airbnb arbitrage pros and cons
  • Remote investing


Vinod Krishnan, Real Estate Investor & IT Manager

Vinod started in September 2020 and has since grown tremendously! His wife is on board and fully supports all his efforts. He’s constantly making new contacts by networking and taking phone calls. That’s how he was able to grow his business. In only a little over a year he’s investing out of province (Alberta, New Brunswick, and more!), he’s done Airbnb arbitrage, remote flips, acreage flip, and much more. He started out self-financing and eventually needed some joint venture partners and private lenders to keep growing and scaling. Vinod still works full-time and he’s looking for further opportunities for big lifts for himself and his investor partners. He believes in creating win-win strategies. Listen to the full podcast to learn how you can become an investor while working full-time.

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Instagram: win_win_with_vinod

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