The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Scaling your Portfolio – Success is in the Details Ep. 177

Scaling your Portfolio – Success is in the Details

In this episode

  • Finding opportunities and deals in today’s competitive market
  • You’ve ‘found a deal’ – but is it really?  
  • What factors make a real estate investment successful
  • Adjusting your structure when scaling your portfolio
  • The nuances of developing your team to support your operations and for long-term success
  • The process of buying in Montreal – how does it differ from other provinces
  • The importance of your Mindset in terms of daily tasks


Axel Monsaingeon

Full-time Real Estate Investor Axel Monsaingeon provides insight into the intricacies of real estate investing in Montreal and how he not only found his real estate investing niche but has been scaling rapidly in a challenging market.  Taking you behind the scenes, Axel shares his mindset, habits, methods, and lessons on how he’s built his portfolio – and one of the secrets to building a successful team.

Axel is the host of the “The Very Real Estate Effect” Podcast focused on real estate investing in Quebec. Along the way to real estate investing, this strong operations professional wove his corporate career through various industries ranging from consumer products to manufacturing honing his negotiation and analytical skills. These skills, along with operations management, have proven invaluable to his real estate investing success. 

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