The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
How they did it! Canadians investing in Costa Rica (Ep. 181)

How they did it! Canadians investing in Costa Rica

In this episode

  • the attraction for Canadians to invest in Costa Rica
  • what Canadians need to know about: 
    • owning property in Costa Rica
    • banking and financing
    • diversity of currency
    • property management
    • taxes, accounting, and legalities
    • whether to incorporate or not to incorporate
    • how to choose and build your team


Francois & Jennifer Lanthier

Francois and Jennifer walk you through the steps for Canadians investing in Costa Rica and the lessons they learned along the way.

With a plan, bringing together the right mentors, team and community by putting in the blood, sweat and equity – Francois and Jennifer have built a multi-national investment portfolio, including mentor and coaching programs to help others also become successful investors, hosts of their own popular and fun ‘Wine and Real Estate’ Podcast, becoming Creative Financing Masters as they scaled from 5 to (currently) 42 properties.

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