The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
What Borrowers Need to Know (Ep. 172)

What Borrowers Need to Know

In this episode

  • The true cost of borrowing money
  • 4 stages of Real estate investing
  • 4 types of Lenders
  • Building connection with Banks
  • Criteria in Lending
  • 5 Simple ways to do Real-Estate Investing


Konstantin Kuligin, Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Investor

Konstantin is a real estate investor located in western Canada. Originally from Russia, he moved to Canada to start his real estate career. Konstantin started out with nothing and quickly acquired 4 properties, which soon became 12. He got his mortgage license and started lending money right away.

In this podcast episode, Konstantin discussed what it costs to borrow money, the four types of lenders, and the criteria for lending. He also discussed the various stages that real estate investors go through and simple ways to start real estate investing. Moreover, he shared the advantages of using ‘cheap’ money from banks and earning their trust to get a mortgage approved. He also shared how to become a private lender and grow from there. Tune in to learn from a very accomplished young investor.

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