The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
When Real Estate Investors Need To Make Tough Decisions (Ep. 169)

When Real Estate Investors Need To Make Tough Decisions

In this episode

  • Benefits of due diligence
  • Re-deploying capital
  • Where to spend money wisely for 3rd party verification
  • The right power team
  • BOF -business owner first
  • When is the right time to let go of your service provider
  • Importance of tracking your costs


Claire Drage, Mortgage Broker

Claire Drage is a mortgage broker and the CEO of The Windrose Group, which specializes in working with real estate investors. She loves the idea of smart capital, which is one of the key factors to her success. The Windrose Group can help investors with everything ranging from 100% financing for BRRRRs, flips, and much more. Her team can also help investors looking for passive income through the power of private lending.

In this podcast interview, Claire, Alfonso, and Sarah had a thorough discussion on some of the tough decisions that real estate investors have to make. Along with this discussion, Claire also focused on the utmost importance of thorough due diligence. What it can do to your business, and how it can help. Another information nugget was focused on how to spend money wisely for your 3rd party verification. And, how to pick the right power team as well as when is the right time to let go of your current service provider.

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