The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Your Map for Maneuvering through the Mortgage Maze (Ep. 186)

Your Map for Maneuvering through the Mortgage Maze

In this episode

  • Forecast planning for ‘best’ and ‘worst-case scenarios 
  • Your Credit Score. Tips to keep it as clean as possible
  • Secrets to successful financing
  • Building the foundation for a strong team 
  • Why now, right now, is a great time to invest
  • Navigating a changing marketplace to meet, and exceed, your goals 


Brian Hogben

Having walked the walk, taking a few left turns, to becoming a successful real estate investor and award-winning mortgage broker, our guest this week, Brian Hogben shares his insight to help you maneuver to success.

With over 500 five-star reviews behind Mission 35 Mortgages, Brian has built a team of experts that help their clients navigate the mortgage process with ease and expertise. Canadian Mortgage Professional has ranked this multi-award winner, author and sought-after speaker, among the top 75 mortgage brokers.

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