The Real Estate Investing Training and Education Club Presents:
Zoning and Policy Changes: Key Factors Shaping Real Estate Success

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In this episode

  • Uncover the profound impact changing policies and zoning adjustments have on real estate investors.
  • Explore the often-encountered challenges in obtaining building permits for real estate ventures.
  • Trace the evolution of Ontario’s housing policy and its significant implications for investors.
  • Acknowledge the necessity for real estate investors to recalibrate expectations in rapidly shifting markets.
  • Realize the importance of staying abreast with policy developments to navigate and seize opportunities in the rental and investment sectors.


Zoning isn’t just about defining where you can build. It can also significantly affect how you finance your projects. The potential profitability of your real estate investments often hinges on zoning regulations. Awareness of these stipulations can distinguish between a successful venture and one fraught with pitfalls.

This week’s podcast episode is Part 2 of a conversation with Ronald De Coteau, focusing on the impact of zoning changes on real estate investing. 



Ronald De Coteau

Ronald is a seasoned authority on zoning regulations and dynamic policy shifts within real estate. Over time, his adept guidance has enabled his clients to recalibrate their strategies and aspirations in response to the ever-evolving housing policies in Ontario. His unwavering expertise has given investors the tools to deftly navigate regulatory fluctuations, empowering them to make judicious investment choices.

Renowned for his proactive outlook, he has also actively contributed to many projects that harmoniously blend affordability, accessibility, and sustainable living. Widely recognized as a forward-thinking luminary in the real estate domain, his insights play a pivotal role in shaping the trajectory of future real estate investments.

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