Systems for Small - Medium Term Rentals


Jonathan Margel
Sarah: Jonathan, right out of university managed over 2000 apartments immersed in the day-to-day operations. He's an investor in several multi-family and commercial properties around Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto. And is the co-founder and CEO of Building Stack, which is a customer centric property management platform currently with 150,000 plus doors across Canada. Welcome Jonathan, how are you?

Jonathan: I'm doing very well. Good evening. Thanks for having me again.

Sarah: We're going to go through a few things, a couple of questions, what pain points people might have in managing short and medium term rentals, and then just making sure that you have the right systems in place. They're going to talk to us about that. Go for it.

Jonathan: Thank you for the introduction. It’s nice to have the opportunity to speak to everyone. Like Sarah said, I'm the co-founder and CEO of Building Stack. It's a Canadian-based Property Management platform. We do a lot. We didn't design this specifically for short or medium term rentals. That being said. We're confident that we built a platform that has tremendous value regardless of what asset class that you're owning or managing, regardless of how large or small or if you're just starting off your operation. We do a lot everything's broken down into different modules.

The pricing goes based on how many units you're managing. Anyone that's listening, if I say one thing, two things or a dozen things that can add value to your operation. I encourage you to reach out to us later on. It'll be a pleasure to line up a demo and show you all the value within the platform.

Basically, I want it to run everyone through a few features and ask you a few questions to see if this sounds like you like I mentioned before, we do a little. You're not limited or forced to use building stock to help you manage 500 different aspects of your day-to-day life. If you really love this for rent payment solution or as a document signing solution or as a tool to better manage your communication.

There is a plan for you. A few questions that I wanted to ask everyone to get the gears rolling. Do you struggle with rent payment? How are you collecting a rent for the short term or medium term rentals? Are you running around with cash, with checks, with transfers managing passwords communication.

How are you communicating with your tenants? If you have an issue or with your staff? If you need to coordinate maintenance or preventative maintenance or inspections, whatever I imagine by email, by text, by phone, by paper in person, none of those things are efficient. I'm gonna skip over vacancies because again, it's not specifically made to help short-term rental tenants, but if anyone here has something medium or long-term, we could help create ads, post them online, help you find science as well. Just want to throw that out there. Basically, how we help people it's processing rent online by credit card, debit bank account.

You can set up QAD recurring payments. Tenant portal, so everyone logs in. Web-based software, it's bilingual. You can communicate with whoever's renting your home or your unit. You can communicate with your staff. You can create work orders, stay organized, super transparent, basically offer a great experience for whoever is occupying the space.

And basically help your staff be maximum efficient, managing those units or homes, whatever. You can use this to send out important messages. We can help you overnight have a better white presence. And honestly, hundreds of other things like I don't want to just turn this into a big rant, but it's very important for me to talk to other Canadians and help show them how a Canadian based software company could help them and just simply let them know that we exist and we will help you.

Scale your operation and be able to acquire other properties and other units and do more with less effort. Or I think we'll probably send this to everyone or it'll be available later on, but at a high level you can centralize managing who paid, who didn't pay your expenses. Unlimited people can have access to the full tenant history who rented from you.

How much did they pay? How long did they stay, et cetera. That's included in the core plan for communication, pull out your phone, use it to communicate with your tenants or renters. Use it to communicate with your staff. You're walking by a building. You see something's broken, take a picture, choose the location, send it to who needs to go to be organized, step up your game.

With respect to marketing, like I mentioned, we're currently a partnership. 15 different websites. We can create an odd post to Kijiji post it's rental thoughts CA and many other sites help find new people to rent. You can send them a credit check and application. We can help you with a website.
If you're looking for that or you can do everything that I mentioned, that would be included in the full-stack plan. We just launched this about 10 days ago. We added a digital documents, signature module. It's huge. I'm sure everyone who's listening right now would benefit from this.

Like literally you upload anything that you want to sign a lease, some sort of agreement, anything at all, rules, regulations, you sign it online. It's centralized, it's stored accordingly on the platform. Huge demand of our users. We listened, we built. That's one of the latest things that we just stopped. I want it to touch on that.

Sarah: You know what Jonathan,? That is important because for medium terms rentals, anyways, the ones that I don't always do on Airbnb. I don't always do the model on Airbnb, but sometimes I actually had my lawyer draft up a document, see agreements but that would be a perfect position or I could put it there and I could have everything get signed from there instead of having to email the occupancy agreement back and forth for the days.

Jonathan: Yeah, I'm so happy to be able to talk about it. It's literally the one feature that people have been hounding us for several months. It's here. It's ready for the world. Bilingual fills itself out, automatically save yourself some templates. Don't use 20 different softwares, use one that does a lot of things like ours.

Sarah: Where can people reach out to you, Jonathan, if they want to know more?

Jonathan: I'll talk about this after. The best place to just go to the website,, all the information is there. You can book a demo with one of our experts directly, make sure to mention the REITE club. You have the 50% discount for any plan of ours, up to a hundred and twenty-five units take advantage of the people

Sarah: I will say, that was a long negotiation. I do appreciate you being able to offer us that, Jonathan. And thank you so much, but, hang tight for the networking. If anyone's got any other questions about that, otherwise I would just say, this is a great resource to reach out to Jonathan.
You also have the opportunity to walk them through in much more detail and much more depth about all of the things that they can do. Because there's a lot you can do. It's really like a one-stop shop for everything management wise.

Jonathan: Absolutely. I'm here to chat with anyone I'll hang around later. Email me and check out our website. I'm available on LinkedIn. Happy to speak to anyone who wants to listen. Here I am if you need me.

Sarah: Thank you, Jonathan. I appreciate it.