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    Intellectual Currency – The Investor’s Secret


    Francois: Hello REITE Club nation. Welcome to the latest episode of our podcast. Today's guest is none other than Alfonso Cuadra from Ottawa Cuadra Group. Daniel and I had an awesome conversation. You're gonna love it. Alfonso's a very humble guy, even though he plays in the big leagues and you'll find out why. So Daniel, do you have any insights to share?

    Airbnb & Short Term Rentals - Insights and Updates 


    Sarah: James Svetec is the co-author of Airbnb for Dummies, the co-owner of Learn BNB, and the founder of BNB Mastery. He's dedicated to helping BNB. And co hosts each earn a full-time income managing other people's properties on short term rental. Awesome. Airbnb, there's obviously been a few changes in the past. I know there's some bylaws coming down or rumors of more coming down. But what's happening? What do we need to know in the world of Airbnb?

    What it Takes to Develop an Upscale Resort


    Francois: Our first guest speakers, we have Harry James, who's been an entrepreneur for 35 plus years with numerous businesses, restaurants, a quarry, and a company that focuses on finance and employee benefits. Harry is a certified real estate junkie with more than a hundred million dollars of deals in the rear view mirror, devoted to playing the game to win while protecting his most precious asset, time. Harry has partnered with Sarah as well on a few development projects, one being the Inspire Beach Resort in the Kawarthas.

    Lessons From Becoming a Full-Time Real Estate Investor


    Jared Henderson: REITE club nation. It is Sarah Larbi. You are listening to the REITE club podcast in today's guest. Is Jared Henderson. Who focuses on the Peterborough and the Cornwall markets, student rentals, the BRRRR strategy. And, uh, we have a great conversation. We see what he's been up to in the last year and a half, and he's done some pivoting, uh, different strategies.