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    Survey Trends For Small Landlords


    Sarah Larbi: REITE Club nation. Welcome back to another special episode of The REITE Club Podcast. I'm here today. My name is Sarah Larbi and I'm here with Alfonso Salemi. 

    I'm super pumped for today's episode and I know the REITE Club Nation knows and loves our guests today. And he's known as Mr. Ottawa. He's been on the podcast before. He has been on your podcast, Sarah, and he's just a wealth of information. If you don't follow this guy. Seriously you're doing something wrong, really, but I'm super pumped. Why don't we bring Tony right in.

    Creative Approach to Marketing, Content Creation & Podcasting


    Sarah Larbi: REITE Club Nation. Welcome back to another episode of the REITE Club podcast. I am Sarah Larbie, and I'm here today with my co-host Laurel Simmons. How are you doing Laurel?

    Laurel Simmons: I'm doing great, Sarah. And we should tell people that this is not just real estate investing. This is a mind estate segment, so we're really talking about it. He's more on the business side of real estate or anything else for that matter. It really doesn't matter. But it's been a fun interview with Bruce.

    Losing It All as a Teenage Actor To Building a Real Estate Empire


    Alfonso Salemi: Hello, REITE club nation. It's another episode of The REITE club podcast. I'm Alfonso Salemi and I am here with my amazing co-host, Sarah Larbi. 

    Sarah Larbi: Let's bring in Robby Clark. Absolutely amazing. Has 200 plus doors, has done amazing. He's got a great story. Made it. Lost everything. Made it again. He's got businesses super awesome, determined, and has so much perseverance.
    I'm excited about this one. This is super motivational and what do you say? Shall we play the recording?