Top 10 Watched Real Estate Investing Replays from 2021 in Our Online Community 


There are well over 300 hours of replays from our live and virtual events over the past few years.

Not sure what to watch first? Below we have compiled the top 10 most viewed replays of 2021 for you to kick off your learning. 


Learning the RWA Strategy to Customize Your Life - Daniel St-Jean

Here at the REITE Club, we want to teach you how to create all the free time and all the money you need so you can customize your life. The way Daniel St-Jean, a Co-Founder, is doing this now is by maximizing a strategy he calls RWA - Reserve, Wait, Assign. You will not believe how much money you can make and how quickly you will make it with this strategy. And the best part? This strategy uses very little of your time...and possibly none of your money or credit! This is a strategy you will want to learn more about and bring pen and paper because you will want to make some notes.

Understanding the Basics of Land Development & Land Assembly with Carina Guzman

Gain insights and education on what is needed for Land Development and what to consider.

Legal Second Suites - What Every Investor Needs to Know 

A REITE Focus Event with Ken Bekendam of King homes & Legal Second Suites sharing some of the top things real estate investors need to look for to determine if a basement conversion is possible.

Airbnb Case Study and Management with James Svetec

James Svetec, of BnB Mastery, gives us the breakdown of a recent property purchase, renovation and launch on Airbnb, generating over $40,000 in the first 72 hours of listing.

Secrets to Raising $10 million Revealed! - with Daniel St-Jean

One of the biggest challenges for many real estate investors is reaching the ceiling of traditional lending and then having to figure out how to raise capital. REITE Club Co-Founder, Daniel St-Jean has built his entire real estate investing business and success on effectively and consistently leveraging OPM (other people's money). Daniel will share some of the secrets he used to raise $10 million over the last 12 months and earn a $600,000 commission in the process and how you can start to make raising capital a regular part of growing your own real estate investing business.

The Financing Implications of Additional Units with Claire Drage

Adding a secondary unit or building an additional unit to increase rental income all sounds straightforward, but the financing implications are not always so straightforward. Claire Drage helps you understand the various expectations from lenders, what can count for you and against you and when private money might make more sense.

Small town short term rental investing -Christine Corrigan

Christine Corrigan, a nurse, and investor, runs a real estate investor group in the province and gives us an update on investing in a small town, and shares her short-term rental investment.

Pre Development Construction & The RWA Strategy-Daniel St-Jean and Jason Boccinfuso

When you are looking at pre-development construction as real estate investment opportunities you need to have a strategy that ensures you can realize gains in a reasonable amount of time. That is what the RWA strategy can offer you. In the presentation, Daniel St-Jean shares how he used his RWA strategy to great effect with a condo development in Niagara on the Lake that has already realized him $100,000's with shovels only recently going in the ground.

Economic Outlook with Robert Hogue, Senior Economist, RBC 

Robert Hogue, Senior Economist at RBC joined Laurel Simmons on The REITE Experience to talk about the economic outlook for Canada, the housing market and where we are heading post-pandemic. This is a presentation plus a full Q&A.

REITE Success Story with Jason Boccinfuso

Jason Boccinfuso shares his inspiring story of building a real estate portfolio going from beat cop to multi-millionaire.