Cyndi Gould - Making Real Estate Investing Pay Off with Multi-family Properties


Interested in investing in multi-family properties? Daniel St-Jean of The REITE Club finds out why Cyndi Gould chose that strategy and has stayed with it.

TRC: Cindy, I've known you for quite a while. When did you get involved in real estate investing?

Cyndi Gould: I actually got started in 2012. Getting my education in the spring of that year, built, started building my team and then actually bought two duplexes in Hamilton in September 2012.

TRC: Why did you get involved in real estate investing?

How and Why Real Estate Investing Allowed Me to Quit the Corporate World


Big job? Big pay cheque? Big fatigue? Wesley Ogude shares with The REITE Club how he got out of the corporate rat race and started customizing his life.

Q: When did you get involved in real estate investing as one of the many real estate investors out there?

Wesley: I got involved about six years ago.

Q: Why did you get involved in real estate investing?

Wesley: I was just tired of living for work. If we only live to work, then it matters very little how long we live. I was tired after 25 years of doing that.

Multi-Family Workshop, Conversions & Construction with Ken Bekendam - Feb 20th 2021

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In the second workshop of our 3-part series on creating multi-family portfolios, learn all about conversion and construction from Ken Bekendam of Legal Second Suites.

Ken Bekendam is a full-time investor who helps many other investors with their portfolios through rental property renovations and legal second suite conversions. From initial consultations to determine if a legal second suite is an option, through permit drawings and project management,

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Claire Drage - Multi-Family Workshop - Financing & Acquisition

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Claire Drage and her Windrose team guide you through everything you need to know about financing and acquisition processes for purchasing multi-family properties. This is a roll up your sleeves, get-to-work workshop!

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