Big job? Big pay cheque? Big fatigue? Wesley Ogude shares with The REITE Club how he got out of the corporate rat race and started customizing his life.

Q: When did you get involved in real estate investing as one of the many real estate investors out there?

Wesley: I got involved about six years ago.

Q: Why did you get involved in real estate investing?

Wesley: I was just tired of living for work. If we only live to work, then it matters very little how long we live. I was tired after 25 years of doing that.

Want to quit your 9-to-5 job and customize your life? Sarah Larbi shares with The REITE Club how she created the lifestyle of her dreams with real estate investing.
Q: Sarah, how did you get started in real estate investing?
I got started in October 2013. That's when I decided I wanted to change my life around and real estate was the way to go. We started with the cheapest thing we could afford back then, which was a $130,000 house built in the 1850s. We started by using the buy and hold strategy.