Katherine Nelson-Riley: Daniel, I'm really excited about listening to what Michaela's bringing to the REITE Club this afternoon.

Daniel St Jean: I am too because, um, anytime I'm gonna be having conversation with somebody who's obsessed with customer service. I always find that very interesting  and educational.

Sarah Larbi: REITE Club nation, welcome back to another episode of the REITE Club podcast. I am Sarah Larbi, and I'm here with Alfonso Salemi.

Alfonso Salemi: Today we have Sarah and Leonard that are on the podcast. They, recently new, real estate investors. They bought real estate, in the past, their primary residences. And Leonard had a goal of becoming a homeowner by the time he was 30. But they have such a great story as well, that they've done a whole bunch of different strategies they're getting into land development.

Sarah Larbi: Chris Shebib is a real estate investor, realtor and former contractor. He's going to talk about the benefits of the hybrid investing strategy and success in a market with volatility. Chris is the founder, managing director of Blue Orchard Property Group. He's also the podcast host of The Hidden Upside. Guys, write this down if you like podcasts, the Hidden Upside.. Chris, welcome.

Daniel St Jean: Sarah Larbi and Aisha share their new income strategies which are midterm rentals. Now, because I mentioned it earlier, Sarah is one of The REITE Club co-founders and was able to retire from her JOB after just seven years in real estate investing.

Alisha Fuss: it's just kind of diving in and starting out and not getting overwhelmed with all the information out there. Just find your first one, run your numbers and just know that it'll work out even if it's not the best deal in the world. What you're gonna get from learning while you do the project is, is so invaluable.