Laurel Simmons: Hello everyone and welcome to another REITE Club podcast. I'm Laurel Simmons, one of the co-founders of the REITE Club, and today my co-host is Victoria Cluney. Hi Victoria. 

Victoria Cluney: Hi Laurel. Good to see you. 

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back to another episode of the REITE club podcast. I'm Alfonso Salemi, and I'm here with my co-host Sarah Larbi. 

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back, REITE Club Community. It's another episode of the REITE Club Podcast with me, Alfonzo Salemi, along with my co host Sarah Larbi. An awesome interview with Eric Doyle today. You know what he's. Fairly new, two and a half years. He was an investor before he became a realtor.

Laurel Simmons: Hi everyone, and welcome to another podcast episode of the REITE Club. I'm Laurel Simmons, a co-founder of the REITE Club, and my co-host today is Katherine Nelson Riley, who is our wonderful operations manager. Hey Katherine. This is a pretty important podcast, isn't it?

Katherine Nelson Riley: Hi Victoria. Thanks so much for joining me this afternoon. I'm really looking forward to Andrew Choubeta's interview. 

Victoria Cluney: Oh my gosh, love my pleasure. It's the first time that we're having a podcast together, Katherine. So that's exciting and what I've heard about Andrew and the places that he invests. This is definitely gonna be an interesting conversation.