Sarah Larbi: the first presenter tonight, Ken Bekendam. He's a real estate investor, developer himself. Also a partner in many of my recent projects in the last year, we've bought a lot together. Ken helps and advises other investors, with their portfolios through rental property of innovations and particular conversions.

Laurel Simmons: Hi everyone, it's Laurel Simmons here from the REITE Club, and I am joined by my co-host, Paul Copcutt. Paul, it's great to see you and hear you today.  I'm looking forward to doing this with you. Laurel, we've not done a show yet. 

Laurel Simmons: And our guest today is Brooke Shang, who is a young woman who's really, I would say gone. I was gonna say into the deep end, that's not the right image. I want people to have, she's really focusing and gone done a deep dive into real estate investing in, and she's written a book too. 

Laurel Simmons: Now we're onto the mortgage section and we have Teresa. Franciosa from Mission 35 mortgages. You're going to be talking about how you can understand personal and finance and marketing services for the real estate investor. And you've got some case studies for us.

Teresa Franciosa: Yes, I do.

Laurel Simmons: Take it away.

Sarah Larbi: REITE Club Nation. Welcome to this week's podcast episode. I'm Sarah Larbi, and I'm here today with Alfonso Salemi. I really enjoyed today's podcast with Diane Ulman from Integris Law and we really talk about so many things from a legal standpoint and a real estate investing standpoint. I think it's a great informational podcast.

Vinod Krishnan: That's exactly what it was. Having said that, I guess because of the pandemic or whatnot, it didn't exactly work out the way I wanted it to.

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back, REITE Club nation, another episode of the REITE Club podcast. I'm Alfonso Salemi, and today my amazing co-host

Francois Lanthier. How are you doing, Francois?

Francois Lanthier: Very well. How about you, Alfonso? What's going on?