Laurel Simmons: Hello REITE Club Nation. I'm Laurel Simmons, co-founder of the REITE Club, and I'm here with Alfonso Salemi, another co-founder. Hi Alfonso. How's it going?

Alfonso Salemi: Hey, Laurel. I'm doing great. How about you?

Sarah Larbi: REITE Club Nation, welcome back. I'm Sarah Larbi. I am here today with Alfonso Salemi and we've got some awesome things happening and we also have a great interview coming up with Jon from Blackjack Contracting.

We're gonna talk about how to find a great contractor, how to price out some different parts of the property, and some duplex conversions. We talk a lot about the whole renovation process. So my favorite strategy, the BRRRR strategy. The Reno piece is sometimes the hardest to find and to get right. So I'm really excited about today.

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back, REITE Club Nation, to another episode of the REITE Club podcast. Today I am with my co-host, Sarah Larbi. Really pumped for this interview and this podcast. Rod Refcio is in the business of law. He's an economist, a banker, before he became a lawyer. Works with real estate investors, is an investor himself. Gives some amazing tips. We get into a whole lot of information, a really great podcast.

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back, REITE Club Nation, to another episode of the REITE Club podcast. I'm Alfonzo Salemi. I am here with my amazing co-host Sarah Larbi. So we get right into that with Scott. He's a lawyer out there with Royal Legal Solutions and yeah, he's helped a lot of people. He talks the REITE club language, knowing what you gotta do.

Alfonso Salemi: Daniel Patton from BM Select. He has worked in the mortgage business and helped grow Butler Mortgage into the number one brokerage for investors. Daniel and his team have years of experience planning strategically helping investors from all areas. Both outside and inside of Ontario. Daniel was ranked number 14 mortgage broker in Canada, but number one in our hearts for sure.