Sarah Larbi: REITE club Nation, welcome back. I'm Sarah Larbi, and I'm here with Francois, my wonderful co-host of Francois Lanthier 

Francois Lanthier: I think what Justin, what you'll hear in the interview will really tie into what some of the decisions I've made staying liquid in uncertain times. So I have liquidated and yeah, but buying all these properties allowed me to do this liquidation.

Sarah Larbi: REITE club nation., I hope everybody is doing awesome. I'm Sarah Larbi, and I am here with Francois Lanthier. 

Francois Lanthier: I'm glad to be co-hosting again amazing investors and interviews and what a privilege to be involved.

Sarah Larbi: I'm really excited to have you as my co-host. You've brought some great guests today as well for our podcast. I'm excited to bring them in

Sarah Larbi: REITE Club Nation. Welcome to another awesome podcast, The REITE Club podcast. I'm Sarah Larbi and I'm here with Alfonso Salemi. 

Laurel Simmons: Hi everyone, and welcome to another REITE Club podcast. I'm Laurel Simmons co-founder of the REITE Club, and today with me is, Paul Copcutt who is acting as my co-host today. Hi Paul.

Paul Copcutt: Hi Laurel. How are you? 

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back to another episode of The REITE Club podcast today, Francois co-hosting with myself, and we have a very special guest, co-founder of The REITE Club. Mr. Daniel St. Jean. Welcome Daniel.

Daniel St. Jean: Good morning. How are you doing guys?