Laurel Simmons: Welcome REITE club nation. I'm Laurel Simmons, and along with my co-host Sarah Larbi, we're welcoming you to another podcast episode of the REITE club. Hi, Sarah.

Sarah Larbi: Hey Laurel. How are you? How are you doing?

Laurel Simmons: I'm doing great. And we have a wonderful guest tonight, don't we?

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back, REITE club nation for another episode of the REITE club podcast. I'm Alfonso Salemi, and today my co-host is Laurel Simmons. We have an amazing guest today, Susan Flanagan, and she's been a longtime friend and supporter of the REITE club and she does a great job.

Laurel Simmons: Hi everyone, I'm Laurel Simmons, a co-founder of the REITE Club, and I'm here with Sarah Larbi, my co-host and another co-founder. Hi Sarah, how are you doing?

Sarah Larbi: Welcome REITE Club Nation. I'm Sarah Larbi. I'm here with my co-host Alfonso Salemi joining me, and we are going to be interviewing Matthew Frederick, probably, I don't know how many times he's been on the podcast, probably four or five. But we are digging into commercial real estate investing and current trends. So really exciting stuff. 

Sarah Larbi: REITE Club nation, welcome back to another awesome podcast. I'm here with Laurel Simmons. I'm Sarah Larbi, and we've got a great guest on today, Chris Prefontaine, who will talk to us about terms and a really cool new rent to own concept and mixed in with the vendor take back. Shall we bring Chris on?

Laurel Simmons: Let's do it.

Sarah Larbi: All right, Chris, welcome to the show. How are you?

Chris Prefontaine: Great. Good to see you again.