Sarah Larbi: REITE club nation, it's Sarah Larbi here. I am back for another great podcast, but the tables are a little bit turned. Today I'm actually gonna be in the hot seat with Aisha Govani, and we are by the one and only Francois. Welcome and happy to be co-hosting with you.

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back, REITE Club community. It's Alfonso Salemi here with my amazing co-host Laurel Simmons. Today we had a very interesting conversation with Mike and Lee Ann Nicholson. They're up in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. For those of you who don't know, maybe an island close by there, right along the border of the US, is a really inspiring story. They both talk about how, they have business backgrounds, entrepreneurial spirit, they both got downsized or uninspected had career changes, right?

Sarah Larbi: Natalie, welcome to our podcast. How are you?

Natalie Cloutier: Good, how are you? Thanks for having me.

Sarah Larbi: REITE club community. Welcome back to another awesome episode this week. I'm Sarah Larbi, and I'm joined today by Francois, my co-host. Hello, Francois. How are you?

Francois Lanthier: I'm good Sarah. Thank you. And how about you?

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back, REITE Club Community. It's another episode of the REITE Club Podcast. I am Alfonzo Salemi here with my amazing co-host, Sarah Larbi. And our guests this eeek are Jennifer and Francois. They're gonna talk a little bit about that patience, right? Their first deal, right outta the gate. They're sitting there, signing the deals, the pens in their hand, and then they're getting smacked with fees. And that was their start of real estate buying and selling.