Laurel Simmons: Hello REITE Club Nation. I'm Laurel Simmons and I am your co-host for the REITE club podcast today and with me is a special guest host Daniel St. Jean. Hi Daniel.

Daniel St. Jean: Hello. How are you guys doing?

Laurel Simmons: We're all doing well and we have a great guest today. We have Steve Blasiak of Pinnacle Wealth, and he's gonna be talking about alternative investing. We all know that. We know that real estate investors are interested in real estate investing, but Steve has another option for you.

Sarah Larbi: Welcome back, REITE Club Nation, to another episode. I'm here. I'm Sarah Larbi, and I'm here with Laurel Simmons, my co-host. Hello Laurel and guys, REITE Club Nation. Welcome back to another awesome week, Laurel. How's it going?

Sarah Larbi: REITE Club Nation, welcome back to another awesome episode of our podcast. I'm here with Laurel Simmons and I am Sarah Larbi. And I'll tell you that this is probably one of my most favorite podcasts that we've done so far. Dylan Suitor is on our show. Amazing Energy. Scaled tremendously from zero properties in 2018 to over 350 doors, two and a bit years later. It's just absolutely incredible. But before we get into that, Laurel, welcome. How are you doing?

Laurel Simmons: Hey, REITE Club Nation. It's Laurel Simmons here, and I'm with my co-host Sarah Larbi. There's lots going on and our guest today actually, he's not letting anything slow him down, he's really busy.

Sarah Larbi: Absolutely. Mark Baltazar, you guys may have heard him on a prior podcast. If you haven't, feel free to go back and listen to his story cause we actually got right into the weeds in the last year and a half.

Alfonso Salemi: Welcome back, REITE Club Nation, to another episode of the REITE Club podcast. It's Alfonso Salemi, and today co-hosting with Laurel Simmons. How are you? The lovely Laurel.

Laurel Simmons: I'm just great. Alfonso, how's it going with you today?

Alfonso Salemi: I am super pumped. I'm super pumped. I was really looking forward to recording this podcast today with you and our amazing guest, Tim, and we got to talk about a little bit about heart, right?