Daniel St Jean: Another really great episode coming up with a very humble young lady. I'm sure she's gonna surprise a few people here are. Looking forward to it. Victoria. 

Victoria Cluney: I am very excited for this one. I've met Andrea a bunch of times in the Ottawa scene at networking event, but we've never been able to really dig deep into her background, so this is gonna be the opportunity for me and then for the rest of the audience to hear her story.

Sarah Larbi: REITE Club community, welcome back to another episode, and I am here with my co-host today, Francois Lanthier. Today's guest is Andrew Hines from the Andrew Hines podcast, and we had a great conversation. He's actually starting to invest in Florida. He's been there for the last three months.

Daniel St Jean: Good afternoon, Victoria. We have somebody really special today, and the reason why I say special because you know him very well for a reason that we will probably find out later in the interview. Aren't you happy to be here with Sandro? 

Victoria Cluney: I'm very happy. Think every single time that I'm in Sandro's presence and I hear him speak, I just feel uplifted and energized and motivated. He's such an inspiration and I can attest that he is like this all the time. 

Cody Yeh: And when you can actually do that, squeeze out 10, 20, or 30 hours per week, doing that side hustle and you are having some results and you see that trend is going to replace your full-time job income and you have a good cushion in real estate, good cushion in your trading account, or you have a good cushion and support from your family or your partner. Discuss that, make sure they understand what you're doing. Then you can pull the trigger.

Sarah Larbi: REITE Club community. Welcome. I'm Sarah. I'm here with Francois, my co-host of the day. We've got a great guest, Amanda Renzella today. She got started about four years ago and has is still getting started, but has really listened to these podcasts and applied, which she's learned to be able to buy her first couple deals and looking for her third one.